Commercial AC Maintenance


Your Business’ Utility Bills Should Be Comfortable Too

Your air conditioner is essential to your business. A well-maintained system keeps customers and employees comfortable, which promotes a successful, productive work environment. To keep your system running efficiently, commercial air conditioning maintenance is key. Feder provides professional AC repair and annual maintenance services to businesses in Southern Minnesota.

What are the benefits of commercial air conditioning maintenance?

Commercial air conditioning maintenance is vital to the health of your HVAC system. Benefits of routine professional maintenance include these:

  • Cost savings.
  • A longer mechanical lifespan.
  • Preventing and identifying problems before they can affect your business.

The Importance of Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Service

We’ve said that routine professional maintenance is essential to the life of your commercial air conditioning system, but how? A professional technician can identify issues that you cannot and can even help prevent unexpected and expensive repairs. We advise establishing a maintenance agreement and schedule for professional commercial air conditioning service with Feder Mechanical. Pro tip: Begin your maintenance in the spring before the summer heat takes a toll.

During a maintenance appointment, your Feder technician will:

  • Inspect and maintain your system components – Clean coils, blower components, and condensate drain; check electrical components; lubricate and adjust your system as needed.
  • Verify proper refrigerant levels – Prevent an inefficient system and damage to the compressor.
  • Perform a system diagnostics check – Ensure the safe, proper function of your system and thermostat.
  • Identify and resolve ductwork leaks – Prevent loss of conditioned air, wasted energy, and an uncomfortable working environment.
  • Prevent unexpected damage and repairs – Address issues in your system before they result in costly repairs or system failure.